The simplest way to take meeting notes

Prepare , Collaborate , and Share your meeting notes for you and your team in seconds

If you experience this many times during meetings ...

... then meet hellooo!

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Rock your meetings before they start

Catch info on the fly

· install in one click the Chrome extension
· pick the meeting you need to prepare
· write your ideas down

Get ready in few clicks

· optimise your meeting
· ask for details
· shorten meeting length
· limit attendees


It has never been so easy to take meeting notes

· real-time collaborative notes in Google Meet
· track key information, decisions and tasks

Hellooo app embedded in Google Meet
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Put your meetings into action

· share minutes instantly via email or Slack
· push tasks to Todoist or Asana
· document your project workspace

Powerful as a personal assistant

Simple as a Google Doc

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Designed for simplicity

You don’t have time to spend days learning to use a new tool.

Collaborative apps interconnected between them.

Fully integrated in your workflows

It's not about adding a new SaaS, but about bringing your meetings to life with your favorite apps.

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Find anything, anytime

Because you are tired of searching for lost information shared during meetings.

replaces for managing dispersed meeting minutes

Google Doc
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What our biggest fan says

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“Hellooo is so simple that they may have cracked the meeting problem.”
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The simplest way to take meeting notes

Prepare, collaborate, and share meetings notes in seconds